The music of a cowboy yodeler

One of the world’s most famous yodelers is a cowboy, and he lives on a ranch near Conrad, Montana. And though you may not know his name, you probably do know his sound from the iconic “Yahoo!” yodel. Made famous by those three notes signaling the brand of one of the internet’s earliest search engines, Wylie made off with quite a big paycheck from that little gig. Later, due to a legal settlement, he made a little more from Yahoo!

And though Wylie has made the rounds on TV talk shows, where he shares his cheerful yodeling talent, he also makes the rounds throughout the world, as one of (if not the) best cowboy yodelers in the world. He has multiple albums, and he continues to remain in high demand as an entertainer.

Wylie grew up in rural Montana and learned to yodel from his father who learned from the Swiss ski team!

Here are some samples of Wylie’s cowboy yodeling.


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